Deck Out Your Used Semi To Maximize Your Work Opportunities

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With a shortage of truck drivers in the work force today and an estimated future need of more than 800,000 new drivers throughout the next decade, there has never been a better time to invest in a used semi-truck of your own and to embark on a new career in the industry. Once you've driven your semi off the lot, it's a good idea to take some time and deck it out in order to maximize your work opportunities – consider implementing one or more of these effective ideas:

7 December 2015

Too Busy To See A Manual Transmission Specialist? Try This Temporary Repair Tip


If your car makes funny or strange sounds every time you shift gears, there may be something wrong with your manual transmission. But if your busy work schedule keeps you from seeing a transmission specialist right away, you may wonder if there's anything you can do to improve your car's performance temporarily. You can! Here's what you can do after work that may improve the performance of your manual transmission temporarily.

2 December 2015

6 Things To Consider When Planning A Long-Distance Route With A Truck & Trailer

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Moving long-distance can be overwhelming, especially when you are moving all of your belongings in a large box truck and towing a car hauler, such as those found at Route 12 Rental Co Inc., behind you to transport your vehicle. If you are planning your first long-distance move in a truck rental and towing a car hauler, here are a few important things to consider as you plan your route. Navigating

16 November 2015

How To Refinish A Worn-Looking Windshield Wiper Arm On Your Vehicle


Windshield wiper arms can lose their paint and become pitted and dented through years of use. If your vehicle's wiper arms are looking bad, then you can refinish them yourself. Keep reading to see what you will need and how to do it: Tools and materials needed Satin or low gloss enamel spray paint Spray filler primer Sheet of 200-grit sandpaper Sheet of 400-grit sandpaper Socket set Ten feet of twine

11 November 2015