Deck Out Your Used Semi To Maximize Your Work Opportunities

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With a shortage of truck drivers in the work force today and an estimated future need of more than 800,000 new drivers throughout the next decade, there has never been a better time to invest in a used semi-truck of your own and to embark on a new career in the industry. Once you've driven your semi off the lot, it's a good idea to take some time and deck it out in order to maximize your work opportunities – consider implementing one or more of these effective ideas:

Invest in Newer Tires

If you expect to stay on the road more often than not, you'll need a reliable set of tires for your rig. In fact, many companies happily offer bonuses and incentives to drivers who maintain high quality, newer parts (such as tires) on their trucks. This is because it minimizes the chance that a driver will end up with a flat tire or need repairs, which can delay transport time or even ruin the products being shipped. If the tires that come with your used semi-truck don't have a tread depth of at least 4/32 inches, it's important to consider replacing them with newer, less worn options.

To ensure maximum grip on snowy and wet roads, your tires should have as close to 10/32 inches of tread depth as possible, which are the same specs brand new tires typically boast. You may be able to deduct your tire investment during tax time as they're an essential tool for business use. So the investment should pay for itself within months of installation.

Advertise Yourself

If you plan to work as an independent contractor, consider advertising your services directly on your semi-truck. This provides you with free advertising that works no matter what type of job you're on or where you might be in the country. There are several effective ways to use your semi-truck to get the word out about your services, such as:

  • Having your logo printed on your mud flaps.
  • Painting your company name and phone number on the hood or doors of your rig.
  • Applying colored window decals to your windshield that promote your services.
  • Having a weatherproof sign created to attach to the back rolling door of your truck.

With the help of more than one advertisement method in place, you can expect to gain attention from a variety of different viewpoints.  

Consider Expansion Abilities

It's also important to make sure that your semi-truck has multiple expansion abilities hooked up to it so you can pull whatever products your customers need transported, no matter their delicate nature. For example, you'll need the ability to hook up a refrigerated unit if you need to transport lettuce, fruit, or other produce across the country.

It's also important to set up your truck so that accommodations can be expanded on long distance trips, as it will save you money on hotel rooms as well as help to keep you on the road longer whenever necessary. You can use a small bed frame with drawers built into it for extra storage space and keep a propane stove under one of the front seats for instant kitchen setup once you're parked. Installing a solar panel on the roof of your truck will provide you with power while on the road.

These tips and tricks should be easy to implement and will enable you to successfully pursue a career as an independent contractor or an employee depending on your specific goals and preferences. You may even find yourself too busy to accommodate all of the transport and employment opportunities that come your way!

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7 December 2015

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