Things To Consider When Looking For Roadside Assistance Services For Your Situation

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Roadside assistance services are becoming more common, and more drivers are considering them for the security they offer when spending a lot of time on the road. Finding the right service for your needs is critical, so take some time to review what is included before you choose one to cover your car in the event of a breakdown. The most extensive services provide assistance anywhere in the US, and some extend beyond the borders to other countries. 

Roadside Assitance Membership

The majority of roadside assistance services or clubs available offer membership in tiers or levels that change the cost and have different services and benefits included. Sometimes the difference is only a few dollars from one tier to the next, but the coverage could be substantial. It is vital that you know what you are getting for your money when considering the tier you want. 

Often the most significant difference is the towing coverage, and some roadside assistance services offer limited towing on the lower membership levels, giving you a few miles or enough to get the car off the road. This practice can leave you with a balance to pay out of pocket after the vehicle is towed. Often stepping up to the higher membership levels will include unlimited towing, but the service cost could be increased.

If you spend most of your time driving in a local area that has a lot of repair shops, you may be okay with the lower tier and the limited towing, but if you are headed across the country on a road trip, you may want to increase your membership level to ensure you have enough coverage no matter where your vehicle breaks down. 

Roadside Services

A roadside assistance service may offer many services you can benefit from. Towing is the biggest one, but many services also offer fuel delivery, jump start service, flat tire repair, trip planning services, member discounts at garages and hotels, and more. If you break down along the road, knowing that you can call and get some help is essential and can reduce the stress of driving in unfamiliar areas. 

Often the roadside assistance service will cover any car you are in, so if you rent a car for a trip, the coverage you pay for will extend to the rental car while you are driving it. Breaking down in a rental car may come with roadside assistance from the rental company, but sometimes it is faster to call your service if you need a jump start or help with a flat tire than to wait on the rental company's service. 

The service may extend to a friend's car if you are a passenger as well. Check your coverage, but many of the major providers offer this coverage, and you do not need to pay an additional fee for it. 


6 January 2022

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