3 Ways You Can Reduce Summer Overheating Engine Problems With Your Lexus Sportscar

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In the summer heat, Lexus vehicles need maintenance, to avoid problems with overheating and wear. There are some things you can do to prevent these problems. The following tips will help prevent some of the common causes of overheating during the summer months.

1. Use a Hot Weather Coolant for Summer

Hot weather means you want to have coolant in your radiator. It is also a good time to have your car's cooling system flushed. When the auto services flush your car's coolant, have them use a coolant designed for higher temperatures, when they refill the radiator to give the engine extra protection from overheating. It is a good idea to have the fluids in the radiator changed for winter and summer driving conditions, to prevent problems with wear and overheating that can hamper the performance of your Lexus.

2. Change Oil Frequently and Check Fluid Levels

Frequently changing your car's oil can prevent wear and engine problems, like overheating. When you have the oil changed in the summer, ask the auto service about using a synthetic oil that protects against viscosity breakdowns, which is a common problem in hot, summer weather that can lead to overheating. In addition, make sure to check the oil level frequently, during hot weather. When checking the oil, you will also want to check other fluids, and remember never to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot or overheating. Always use the overflow tank of the cooling system, to add fluids to the radiator, when the engine is hot.

3. Install a Secondary Radiator Fan for Better Engine Cooling

One of the frequent occurrences among Lexus sportscars is that the fan does not provide sufficient air flow for cooling, when the engine is idle. Therefore, you may want to have a secondary radiator fan installed, as well as additional fans for components that are prone to damage, during the summer heat. If your Lexus has an auxiliary radiator fan that is not working, try replacing the fuse and taking it into a Lexus auto shop services provider.

These auto care tips will help you prevent many of the summer overheating problems you may face. If your car seems to overheat every summer, take it into a certified Lexus auto shop for help with maintenance, to prepare for the hot weather. With professional help and careful maintenance, you can ensure the longest life possible, for your Lexus.


21 June 2019

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